Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

He doesn't give me Polos

 A very Senior Trainer was at his very element. A long whip in his hand, he was helping Plump Lady on Blue The Cob to perform a piaffe. With suppleness and activity Blue skipped from one diagonal to the other and the growing smile on Plump's face said it all. " How does it feel?" Senior Trainer questioned. "Ddeeeeevinnne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Plump replied. While offering Blue the well-earned reward , in a very pleased with himself tone of voice, Senior Trainer said "THATS ONE FEEL YOUR HUSBAND WILL FIND DIFFICULT TO EMULATE !!!!!". "Not really" was her responds " He is just as good with whip , but he never gives me Polos"