Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Self carriage

A dressage Diva was  having a warm up, for   a     BD  walk halt test , on her big black stallion,  obviously the imbalanced proportions  between the horses size and  the  riders  size ,posed some problems of balance and self carriage.
How ever much Dressage  Diva  implemented the latest training technique of  visualising  with out effect  the self carriage of   the  horses  ridden  by   great master  Nunios  Olivety   , the black stallion had his own idea of where the neck and head should be by visualising green grass at ground level.
Her  relentless physical efforts   to keep the horses head up  with the  INSTERBERGER*  was a companied with the verbal explanation to the horse  “DON'T GO   down there !!!    , DON'T GO   down there !!! ,  DON'T GO   down there !!!   “, so loud   so  all  could f hear.
When time came  to commence the  Walk Halt test  our Dressage Diva  performed the last  precautionary  INSTERBERGER*  and informed the  horse that  “IF YOU GO DOWN ON ME  in the arena in front of the judge and spectators  You will be back where you came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.
As expected   the whole test was a  battle between  self carriage  and the force of gravity with  Dressage Diva  some where between the two , while  by the arena side  the loyal Dressage Husband  was nodding his head rolling his eyes and making sounds of sympathy with the horse.
Dressage Diva  left the arena   and  while dismounting ,  in the loudest voice shouted  “DERRRRRICKKKKKKK!!!!!”   (her dressage  husband) who came in a brisk trot  took the reins and led the horse  to the horse box, and there  in a most intimate manner that only exists among  true  comrades  he patted the horse and said  “don't worry mate  that what she tells me often  but I am still here” 
*(an INSTEBERGER  is the classical term for the action commonly known as , the removal of the horses back teeth by a violent action of both hands generally accompanied by moving the upper part of the body so far back that the riders head touches the horses croup